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Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime troubles


For my Excel Add-In I need to redistribute to prerequisites:
- Microsoft .NET Framewor 4.5 Full
- Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

There is no problem with .NET Framework in any case. I redistribute it by setup or by web download. Everything is OK.

But with VSTO I've got some troubles:
1) "web download" is not working properly. Even if I use this recommendations -

After all, I downloaded vstor_redist.exe (~40 Mb) and added it to setup.
2) The setup starts to install vstor_redist.exe and really does it! But then I see a strange InstallShield message that VSTO installation appears to have failed.
Nevertheless after installation the application works correctly.

Two questions:
How to redistribute VSTO with web download option?
How to avoid the appearance of useless "installation failed message"?

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I'm having the same problem. Does anyone know the cause and/or solution?
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Unfortunately this issue has not been officially resolved and both Microsoft and Flexera deserve a pull from the ears for this.

Looking into the Microsoft help file "Depoying Office Solutions" you will see a section recommending how to build a proper ".prq" file. However the recommendation is based on outdated information. There is a newer download in the link that they provide and I also check that the latest VSTO download does not correspond with the link provided by Microsoft help file.

The steps I followed to resolve the issue:

- Get a New permanent URL(URL="") for download with the latest VSTO (check against Microsoft Downloads to see that it is the same file)
-Determin CheckSum, File Size, Version using the file properties and Microsoft FCIV (File CheckSum Integrity Verifier)
-Create the .prq file according to the Microsoft help file "Deploying Office Solutions......" and replace the file size, checksum, version values with the updated ones.
-Replace the file in the proper InstallShield LE directory following the instructions of the Microsoft help file mentioned above.

Please be aware: that all these may change anytime. You need to check that all the values that you are using to build the .prq file are up to date!

In the absence of any support engineer help I hope this gets someone out of the woods.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Thank you for your response.

We will consolidate all the details regarding the issue and bring it to the notice of our Product Management to resolve it at it's earliest.

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