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Visual Studio 2010 - Moving Windows Forms Controls


I posted the following in MSDN forum. Initially, I did not know what was causing my symptoms. After backing out any add-ons installed during the past few days I found I did not incurr error messages after removing InstallShield 2010 Limited Edition.

Thank you ... David Bach
Bach & Bach Web Solutions, Inc.

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I have a Windows form in a project. This is the only form in the project. I click on a label or button control to move its location within the form and immediately a dialog appears indicating Visual Studio 2010 must restart and a search has begun to find a solution for this problem at Microsoft. This happens repeatedly each time.

This occurs on another Windows form project within the same solution.

I believe I resolved my issue, however, I'm not at all sure why the solution was the answer. I had installed InstallShield 2010 Limited Edition. Product Version: 16.00.0000. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Flexera Software, Inc. and used it successfully over the past couple of days. I do not remember attempting to move any controls on the one and only Windows form included in the project. However, when I removed this software I no longer received the error indications noted above and I was able to move controls on the Windows form.

I will send this information to Flexera Software as well. Hopefully, they may be able to shed more light on my symptom.

Much thanks ... David Bach
Bach & Bach Web Solutions, Inc.
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Hi David,

We do have a hotfix for the Visual studio crashing issue available on the community at the following path.

Could you kindly confirm if you have tried our hotfix?

Please note: The hotfix is not exactly related to the problem you are facing but it would be worth giving it a try and see if you still encounter the problem. Also I tried creating a sample project based on your steps and unfortunately wasn't able to replicate the same. I would request you to review the sample project attached and let us know the results of using our sample project.

If you still encounter the crashing issue, then kindly provide us a sample project which replicates the issue and also provide us the exact steps which resulted in a crash so that we can investigate further.

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