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Level 7

Verifying my installation...

Is there a tool, scraper or feature that can output (to a file of some sort) every file/component/feature and their intended path?

I've built an installation verification app that checks to see if all files and settings have been installed properly. Whenever I add something to the installation I have to add it manually to my little application. I'm looking for something that can run through my installation project and output each filename (preferably with each component and/or feature) and it's intended install path. I'll even settle for just the feature/component and the filename if the path is irretrievable.

My project is set to save a XML but I really don't have the patience to build a scraper to go through it...
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Level 4

Create a patch for your old installer including the files whichever you want to add files to your installe rmanually.

Once you build and inatll the patch it will automatically install the new files without interrupting the old ones.

I guess it might be helpful for you.
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Level 7

Maybe my post wasn't clear and I apologize for that...

I want a tool that will output to a file (.txt, .xml, etc) of every file, component, and their intended installation path that I can then parse to determine what files need to be verified within an installation including the new files that I have added to the installation project.

I can't really create a patch project on top of our installer. Plus then I would need to output those files to keep my verification application current and relevant.
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