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Validation with SQLServerSelectLogin2

Hi, I use SQLServerSelectLogin2 to get Sql Server instance from the user.

Lets say, the user selects sql credentials - login and password.

Is there any way (I mean simple solution maybe in InstallScript?) to validate/check if we connect to selected Sql instance with gathered credentials?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @kmisniak ,


How about using function SQLRTTestConnection2 to validate SQL server connection with credentials?


More details you can find from:

If you would like to view sample script how it is been used,you can have a look at "EventsConv.rul" file that i am attaching here.It can also be found in <InstallShield INSTALLDIR>\<IS Version>\Script\Iswi\src\EventsConv.rul.


Hope it helps,



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Level 13

You can do with InstallScript as Jenifer suggests. For a Basic MSI project an easier way would be to use ISSQLServerValidate action under 'Behavior' on the 'Next' button in the SQLLogin dialog.

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