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VS2012 & InstallShield LE: create web setup project instead of publishing

I'm new to VS2012 (migrating from VS2010). Searching the web I found a solution to create setup packages for Windows Forms and Windows Services, but now I'm having difficulties with ASP.NET web applications.

I'v created an ASP.NET web application and would like to create a setup project. The old "Web Setup Project" isn't available anymore, but can't the Installshield LE accomplish the same result?

I don't think I can use the publish option because
- the web application has to be installed locally on servers running IIS (and no real web servers - so publishing the application directly to the server over the net isn't an option)

- the web application can be installed on different operating systems (only IIS and .net 4 is needed), so Win XP, Win7, Win server 2003/2008, ... So I don't think the publishing option to import a web deploy package will work for ex. on Win XP since as I understand, on the server the web deployment has to be available (can't get this option running on Win XP and the end user isn't always able to install this - so this option isn't available in IIS)

In short, I need something (like a setup does) that installs the webapplication under the inetpub folder and that creates the application in IIS too (with the .NET framework, application pool, ...)

Is this possible with Installshield LE? And can anybody point me in the right direction?

Help is much appreciated, thanks
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Update, for those who are struggling with the Installshield LE. It seems I can create a web setup project, below is a brief explanation. But please, correct me if this is wrong practice...

1) create an ASP.NET web application
2) file - add new project - installshield LE project
3) in the solution explorer -> select 3) configure the target system -> Internet Information Services
- right click on "web sites" and select add website. Name it like your site (or the name you want it to have...)
- right click on this site and select "new application". Again, name it like your site
4) in the solution explorer -> select the "project assistant" -> application files
- IISROOTFOLDER is added in the list. Select it and click the button "add project outputs" -> add the primary output and content files (and if needed, other files and/or folders)
5) in the solution explorer -> select "organize your setup" - "general information"
- change the INSTALLDIR property to the IISROOTFOLDER and select your site (this way, the files won't install too under you program files....)
6) change other options as you like (for ex. company name, application name, display license agreement....) - most of these are available under the project assistant (application information & installation overview)

Build the project and run the setup. The application is installed under inetpub and the application is created under IIS. Change the application pool / .NET Framework if needed. The site/pages should load now...
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Yes, Kindly follow the below steps to achieve the behaviour of creating a web setup project.

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