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VS2012 - InstallShiled - Registration website url return http 400 bad request

I have installed the Limited Edition of Installshield for vs2012, got my key, but when I go to "register my product online", the button directs me to - which returns an HTTP 400 Bad Request response.

I tried going to the standard registration page, but my registration key give the error:
The Product Serial Number is invalid or has already been registered.

How can I get this product installed so I can use it?
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Re: VS2012 - InstallShiled - Registration website url return http 400 bad request

Hi Martin,

Could you please try downloading the InstallShield Limited Edition from the below link once again-

After successful download, the serial key is also displayed on the same page. And kindly follow the below steps given to integrate InstallShield Limited Edition with Visual Studio:

1.Choose which version you’d like to install and click the appropriate Download button above. If prompted, choose to save the file.

2.When the download completes, run the download file to install the product.
( If Visual Studio is open when you install InstallShield Limited Edition. Visual Studio will need to be restarted after installation has finished.)

3.Open Visual Studio and create an InstallShield Limited Edition project:
On the File menu, point to New and click Project. The New Project dialog box opens.
In the Installed Templates box, expand the Other Project Types item, then the Setup and Deployment item, and then click the InstallShield Limited Edition Project template.

4. Select Activate or Register for free copy of InstallShield and click Next.

5. Enter your serial number, click Next, and then click Finish to begin your first InstallShield project.

Kindly let us know if this did not help.

Thank You,
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