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Using more that first three version fields for product version comparisons

I am interesting to use more first three version fields for product version comparisons.

My current version number 2.6.6
I am interesting to use for the next version, but by the IS help only the first three version fields are used when making product version comparisons.
It mean on installation 2.6.6 and it is a same version for the Installer and 2.6.6 not be uninstalled automatically on installation.

Is there a way to use more the first three version fields?
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

Product version numbers for both Windows Installer and InstallScript based installations are stored in the registry as DWORDs. With 4 bytes available for a version, a product version is broken down into the following format:
Major version - 1 byte, values 0-255 allowed
Minor version - 1 byte, values 0-255 allowed
Build number - 2 bytes, value 0-65535 allowed

Since major, minor, and build consume all 4 bytes of a DWORD, there is no room left over for any other version fields. As such, specifying any fields besides major, minor, and build will cause the additional fields to be ignored. Product version comparisons are always made against a DWORD value.

See the following article for information on how Windows Installer defines and uses product version:
ProductVersion property
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