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Level 3

Using PATH variables

Is it possible to use PATH variables (like %QTDIR%) in the .isl?

If so please help, as I can't get it to work.

This does not appear to work and searching installshield documentation for information specific to the InstallShield 2012 Spring LE edition is "difficult" at best.
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Level 9


Fixed relative paths for file content can be copied by the Install Shield Limited Edition to the output directory ( Visual Studio 2012 ) Steps:

-> Expand your install project in the Solution Explorer so you see the 1,2,3,4,5,6 sections

-> Expand '2' and double click on 'Files' You will see a four panel page: with 'Source computer's files' and 'Destination computer's files'
delete your hard coded paths and files from the 'Destination computer's files'.

-> Click in the top left panel, on the project that has your files as 'Content Files',the top right panel will show 'Content Files from MyProject'
-> Click and drag this to the bottom right panel (the 'Destination computer's files')

Go back into your project and make sure all your files you want copied have properties: Build Action=Content and Copy to output directory=Copy Always.

Hope this helps.

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