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Using IsCmdBld to build a patch (and patch configuration) question.

I just finally was able to manually build a patch from our previous and latest MSI installers. (Yeah to me).

The InstallShield documentation for IsCmdbld say that I can use it to create a patch:

IsCmdBld.exe -patch_config "my_patch_config"

The question I have is if I have a stable previous installation and my "latest" installation is still in flux (on-going development on the app that will be installed) do I have to manually reset the latest setup path so that it will "extract" (uncompress) the MSI to a local folder ? or will this be done auto-magically?

I hope the question clear.

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No, is does not replace the “latest” automatically. However, it’s easy to do via command line if your Patch paths are all set up.

In interesting note, it’s best if you delete the old “latest” before extracting the new one as the extraction doesn’t overwrite the old files.
Here is some example command lines:

rd /s /q "%patch_dir%\Latest1"
"%root_dir%\Full\Web\DiskImages\DISK1\Setup.exe" /a /s /v"/qn TARGETDIR=\"%patch_dir%\Latest1""
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Level 4

Thanks JSClark.

Will set that up today.

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Level 4

That worked.

A last minor question.

When setting up a patch, in the "Advanced" tab, there is a field "Patch Output Location" where it will create the patch into.

Is there a way to copy the patch result instead of everything from InstallShield; the same way the "Copy To Folder" event in the release properties ?

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