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Username and Company Name


Recently installed InstallShield Limited, to allow import of previous Visual Studio Installer project. All was fine except, I noticed the built executable had WIN7_NWE for the Company Name and New User for the Username.

These do not related to the data you fill in general Information. I even updated the isl project with Notepad++ to update the WIN7_NWE occurrences to no avail.

So information is not being picked up.

Also having created a new project and used the Project Assistant it seemed that information provided was not propagated correctly to the full General Information view e.g. Company Web Address add in the assistant did not appear in the General Info view where it should.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

The company name and user name seen when you launch your installer after it is built is information pulled from your target machine that you are installing on.

This dialog can be disabled in the "Installation Interview" view of the Project assistant.

The information that you fill in the General Information view is what is seen when you Right click on your newly built installer and select "properties" then the "Details" tab as well as what is seen in "Programs and Features" in the Windows control Panel

When I entered into the web address field of project assistant, and then immediately selected the General Information view, I did not see any issues and the URL for the Publisher/Product URL field updated as expected.

If this is not the case for you, then by selecting another view and then returning to the General Information view should update the information as expected.
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