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Level 3

Urgent -How to impliment Modify option in suite ?

How to modify the current installation using the modify option in the Modify-Repair-Remove" dialogue for Installsheild suite ? what is the default behaviouer?
I observered a initilising window appears and nothing happens.

for MSI project, Modify is working properly. A dialogue with all feautures appears(installed featured is checked ).and the user can choose the features to installation as modify.

If anybody have the idea ,Please reply
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Level 7

check to see if you have dialogs setup for the modify install mode?
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Level 3

Yes. I am having maintance dialogue with Modify - repar and remove options.
When I choose modify , a dialogue appears with the available features selected. when I click the install button, new dialogue appears with the status "installation succefully finished". But the files are not get installed on the machine locallly .

what to do for this ??
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Level 13

I don't think you can Modify from a Suite. See this post
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