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Urgent!! How to create single msi file using Installscript MSI project

I am using installscript msi project, i can able to build the single exe. i have a requirement that i need to build both msi and exe files. I googled alot for this, but couldn't find any help.

Is it possible to create single msi file?

if yes, provide me with some help.

If no, suggest me some other options.
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Level 11

Hi Harid,

Unfortunately, as of right now, the InstallScript MSI project type still requires a Setup.exe file, since Windows Installer requires the use of a bootstrapper to use an External UI handler. Hence, why we don't allow you to build a single MSI file without setup.exe.

The better option for a Single MSI package is the Basic MSI project type, which will use native MSI dialogs for the user interface.
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Level 11

I stand corrected; it's been pointed out to me that as of InstallShield 2009, we support an "Embedded" style external user interface:

However, this has a dependency on Windows Installer 4.5, which many end users may not have currently. Upgrading to Windows Installer 4.5 using your setup, incidentally, also requires a setup.exe file.

Thanks to Mr. Dickau for pointing this out to me.
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