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Upgrade-related Serious Complication

Hey guys,

I have an urgent doubt regarding QuickPatch projects and minor upgrades. Let me explain my issue:

1. I have a Basic MSI project, say version 1.0 of my product.
2. I create a QuickPatch for the 1.0 installer (based on the MSI for 1.0). This QuickPatch is version 1.0.1 of my product, and can be removed.
3. I now am working on a new Basic MSI project, version 1.1 of my product.

I wish to enable upgrades in my 1.1 installer from versions:

Is the solution here to create two minor upgrade entries in my 1.1 project, referring to my MSI files for:
->1.0.1 (MSI built in the UpdatedImage folder)

Or should i create just one minor upgrade entry for:
->1.0, and this will take care of upgrades to 1.1 from both 1.0 and 1.0.1?

Please help me out here guys, I'm stuck here.

Thanks a ton.
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I note you did not get any replies on the forum when you posted this back in April. Did you resolve the issue? I ask because we are taking fiorst tentative steps towards upgrading and patching and like you we are not sure how much is automatic and how much we need to fill in to make it work.
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