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Level 3

Updates the Bane of my life


I need help with what I thought was built in functionality within Installsheild. I was of the understanding that when a major upgrade is applied to the application it overwrites or deletes the files which is updating. I then though that by going through the various options under the media tab that I could point the update to older versions of the .exe which would then allow it to replace the files that had been updated or overwritten upon un-installation of the update.

I am having increasing difficulty in working this out. I have also thought of using custom actions to copy the files that are in the INSTALLDIR to a separate location on the Target’s computer and then create a separate one to copy those files over on un-installation of the upgrade if this is the option I have to use could someone please provide instructions

Please help any information would be greatly appreciated

If you need any more information please message me

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Level 7

major update is nothing but complete uninstall and fresh copy install so if you are planning to replace files add file then better go for an minor update.and if you feel that size issue is not an problem then go for major update that is full build each time.....
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Level 3

OK thanks, I understand that I need a minor update now but whenever I try to add on through the media section and then build my install it tells me that it cannot because I have create a major upgrade due to the changes i have made.

Please can you clarify how I go about creating a minor upgrade and if this will have the functionality to roll-back my install on un-installation.

Thanks Jack
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