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Unregister Problem With Fonts...

Hi there,

I'm having an issue with Fonts during unregistration.  The font files are from a third-party development team and there are a ton of them (over 1,400).  Initially, I had them included as Dynamically Linked files, but read that fonts should be in a Component marked as Shared so they are not totally unregistered during uninstall if used elsewhere.  

Currently, the font files are included in a single component (no key file set) which is marked as shared.  Still, after uninstall, virtually all of the fonts are removed/unregisterd from the target system.  I start with 90 fonts.  After install I have the over 1,400 fonts.  After uninstall, I have 19 fonts.

Do fonts need to be in their own component marked as Shared?  Can they all be in a single component with just one marked as the key (if that is the problem)? 

If I condition the UnregisterFonts action to not run, the fonts remain intact.  The only issue is that I'm wondering if some end users will balk at a lot of font residue with so many third party fonts being included.

Another related issue is that font registration seems to take quite a bit of time.  On my test machine, registering all of these fonts, it is taking about 15-20 minutes.

Any insight into font handling would be greatly appreciated.

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