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Level 7

Uninstalling a chained .msi doesn't remove directories

I created a basic msi installation with a chained .msi and I pass install properties that make it so that the install path in the InstallShield install gets passed to the chained .msi install. I also use set ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT to 1 so that I only have one entry in Add/Remove Programs. Everything works great except one thing. When I uninstall the InstallShield setup, all the files in the chained .msi are removed, but the empty directories are left behind. If I run the chained msi by itself as a separate install and then remove it, the directories disappear, which points the finger at InstallShield. Has anyone else noticed this - is there a simple way around it?

Thanks in advance!

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Level 4

I too, am seeing this.

Actually, I'm having several problems.

1) When I go to uninstall the parent app, it acts like its uninstalling, but doesn't.
Some more information: REMOVE="ALL" for Removal Condition on those
Do I have to set a Removal Property to the msi so that it knows to uninstall and not repair, etc? Can't find ANY doc on this.
2.) So I go and run the chained MSIs and uninstall each one manually, this works - and then when I go and uninstall the parent, it works this time but I still see the install directories. Awesome.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

There should be some information in the verbose log of the parent MSI as to when and why each chained MSI is invoked. Removals due to a successful Remove condition should be equivalent to "msiexec /x {product code} {any additional properties}" so no properties should be required to tell it that it's an uninstall (the /x equivalent should suffice). Perhaps it's matching the install condition thus ignoring the remove condition?

For both of you, taking a verbose log of the parent should merge in logs from the children. Perhaps that offers some indication why Windows Installer is not removing the directory. Does it have any clues for what to try?
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Level 7

Not sure what command line arguments to use to create the verbose log. I have a Basic MSI project and create a single exe setup file. Obviously there's a chained msi file in there too. I've tried several things without luck.
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Level 2

I am facing this same issue with chained .msi.

Is there any solution for this? 

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