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Uninstalling Shared Registry Component


I'd be grateful if someone could help with the process of uninstalling a shared registry component.

App1 adds a 'LocalDataHome' registry setting within HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\

App2 and App3 both do System Search for LocalDataHome and provide ability to change via dialog, then Registry setting is updated. The HKCU Registry Components for each of these apps are set to Shared and Non-Permanent.

When App2 is removed, the LocalDataHome registry setting is retained (as required since App1 still uses it). However, when App3 is removed, LocalDataHome is removed with it.

I have checked the uninstall logs for Apps 2 & 3 and the RemoveRegistryValues action is carried out in each case, with no direct reference to LocalDataHome. :confused:

Thus, what needs to be doen to App3 to ensure the setting is retained as required?


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Level 3

I am also facing the same issue. Even changing registry install behavior to “Install if present, uninstall if absent” would not help.
Just wondering, as no reply on this thread. Is there no solution or the only solution is to use the custom action.
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