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UninstallString /I versus /X

I inherited a number of basic MSI projects.

One of the projects, after install, has an UninstallString of "MsiExec.exe /X{productcode}" while the other one has "MsiExec.exe /I{productcode}".

Can anyone tell me what controls the generation of the switch /I or /X? What wouldn't I always want /X in the uninstall string?


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Re: UninstallString /I versus /X

This information is written to the uninstall key in the registry through the standard RegisterProduct action provided by Windows Installer. Information on what properties control Add/Remove Programs information can be found in the MSDN article Uninstall Registry Key. Note that UninstallString and ModifyPath are controlled only by Windows Installer and not any property that can be set during the installation.

If the values of UninstallString are changing, this may be because of a custom action that runs during the installation which attempts to update information in the uninstall key. Typically this will not have an effect on Windows Installer uninstall key information as Add/Remove Programs implements behavior specific for MSI installations.
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