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Uninstall issue


I have, I think, a beginer issue.
I have created an installscript project.
I put my exe in files to be installed (using Add Files).
My exe has dependencies.
When I install the program, installscript correctly install all the dependencies and my exe.

The problem appears when I uninstall.
I uninstall the program using "Add/Remove program" of windows.
Then many of the Dll of the program and the program itself are still in the directory after uninstallation.
I can see some of the Dll has been removed.

May I know what I have done wrong in order to make uninstallation works completely ?

I can confirm this problem does not concern files created after installation. The files which are not deleted has been created during the installation and automatically by the installer.

Thanks for help,
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Level 5

Please check if they don't appear under:
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Level 6

Check in the components view. The property for the component shared or permenent marked it as 'Yes'
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Level 2


I have checked and effectively there is one component with my dll which has Shared property to Yes.

Thank you very much for your help. It saves me much time.
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Level 2

Please tell me how to check for the Components view:confused: ....
I'm not getting it clearly.
I'm having the same problem with InstallAnywhere project, after addition of a required folder having .dll files, the project is not proceeding the uninstall.
Thank you.
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Level 4

Please be clear what are you looking for? So tahat I can help you out.
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Level 2

I was querying about the "Components View", discussed in the previous post #3, #4....
Anyways I got it and resolved the issue of my project, Now Uninstall is working properly..

Thanks 🙂
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