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Uninstall has 27502 Error after update the SQL server.

When we do uninstall , it prompt the 27502 error.
message like below:
" Error 27502, Could not connect to MS SQL Server ****, Specified SQL server not found(6)"

Before uninstall it, we updated the Microsoft SQL server name to a new one, but the uninstall still point to the old one.

How can I do so it can go on uninstall ?

It's urgent, could some one give me a help?
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Re: Uninstall has 27502 Error after update the SQL server.

InstallShield includes support for a Windows Installer property called IS_SQLSERVER_CXNS_ABSENT_FROM_INSTALL. You can use this property to specify one or more SQL connections that should be skipped during installation or uninstallation. To specify more than one SQL connection, separate each with a semicolon. To skip all of the SQL connections, set the value of this property to ALL. Using this property is helpful if you cannot uninstall a product because of a SQL scripting error.

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