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Uninstall does not remember global variable feature target

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I am writing an installer to install data to a different, user-defined location than the application code.  The "App Code" feature is being installed to TARGETDIR, and "App Data" is being installed to DATA_DIR. 

The dialogs, installation and uninstallation are working, almost.  The problem is at the end of the uninstall process (OnMaintUIAfter), I need to call my custom function RemoveEmptyFolders(/*string*/ path, /* bool */ removeRoot) which recursively deletes all empty folders from the data directory, including the root folder, if removeRoot = TRUE.   At this point, RemoveEmptyFolders() does not know DATA_DIR on uninstall, but it remembers TARGETDIR.

I declared DATA_DIR as a global STRING variable.  Data components are defined to install at <DATA_DIR>\whatever_subfolder, and they are associated with the "App Data" feature.  FeatureSetTarget("App Data",  "<DATA_DIR>", path) worked to get the feature and all its components to install to the correct place.

On uninstall, all files are successfully removed from both TARGETDIR and DATA_DIR.  However there are a bunch of empty folders left over inside the DATA_DIR folder.  So RemoveEmptyFolders() didn't work for that location.  It worked for TARGETDIR, so it's not the function itself.

Debug messages reveal that InstallShield has no idea what DATA_DIR is at uninstall time.  RemoveEmptyFolders() started trying to traverse paths I've never even seen before, that start with .\whateverfolder.  Yikes.  I put in a check to make sure the path != "", so at least it won't do that anymore.

How did InstallShield know where to uninstall the "App Data" files from?  How can I grab that path value at uninstall time, so I can pass it to my function and delete empty folders?  If the DATA_DIR value is not in the log, then what IS in the log that tells InstallShield where to uninstall the "App Data" files?

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Yes, it does sound like the same problem.  I'll try TextSubSetValue and TextSubGetValue.  If that works, I'll mark your suggestion as the answer.  Thanks!

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