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Unable to rename files when Installshield LE project in included in VS 2010 solution

I have been developing a WPF application in Visual Studio 2010. I added an Installshield LE project and successfully created an installer for my application. I have been happily developing and creating installers for some time.

However, I cannot rename files in my WPF project. I select the file in Solution explorer, and either click or right-click and choose Rename, the filename becomes editable and then immediately un-editable.

If I remove the Installshield LE project from the solution, I am able to edit files in the WPF project. So I know the problem is something to do with Installshield LE.

Any thoughts? Is this a known problem? Is there a fix?
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Level 7

I am not able to replicate the same behavior. i can rename my WPF files. I am attaching a snapshot which shows this behavior. can you list the steps you followed so that i can try replicating it here.
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