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Unable to modify the installation location for set up file using Installshield projec

I am using Visual studio 2013 for developing an application that I planned to deploy using InstallShield Limited Edition. I created a new InstallShield Project, went through the set up process in "Project Assistant". In the "Installation Interview" tab, I selected the "Yes" option to allow users to modify the installation location of the application. Built the project, copied the set up file from the "SingleImage" folder.

When I am installing the application and change the installation location, it is not installing in the modified folder location, it always installs in the same installation location. Tried modifying various properties in the Installshield project but none were useful. Please let me know if I am missing anything.
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Level 17

Please post questions about InstallShield Limited Edition in the InstallShield Limited Edition forum. I'm having this post moved to that forum. Thanks.
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