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Unable to crete a 32 bit msi

Hi there:

I followed the instructions listed in this doc. I am using Installshield 2013 Express:

In the msi, I have several .exe and several .js files.

Using Dumpbin, I checked the exe files:
file1: PE32 executable GUI Intel 80386
file2: PE32 executable (console) x86-64

I thought that file2 may be causing installshield to create a 64 bit msi, so I removed file2 for testing purposes. When I created the new msi, I still got a 64 bit msi (I checked the template summary property using Orca).

Confused. What could be causing Installshield to create a 64 bit msi?

Thanks for your help!
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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

What path have you selected to install the file to? If you choose a 64 bit location the install will be set to 64 bit. Also, make sure that you have not included any 64 bit merge modules or prerequisites.
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