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Level 3

Turn off the subfeature option

When I select a feature and get following options:

This feature will be installed on local hard drive.
This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive.
This feature will not be available.

Is there a way to turn off the 2nd option?

It’s confusing to users to know which one to select even though they are equivalent in the end result since we don’t have subfeatures.
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Level 17

No, there's no way to remove just the second option. The following Tips & Tricks article has more information on the various options:
Custom Setup Options in Windows Installer
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Level 3

Obviously this question has come up before or it would not be documented with such specific wording.

"There's no way to suppress only the second option, and keep the first. Even if the feature has no sub features, Windows Installer displays the variant "this feature, and all sub features" of the install local option."

I would suggest to attempt to get this on the nice-to-have list for the next version. The easier we can make our customer's lives, the better for all of us.

- Paul -
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Level 17

Unfortunately, this is built-in Windows Installer functionality. There is nothing that can be done in a Basic MSI installation to work around this Windows Installer limitation.

InstallScript installations and Suite installations do not have this problem, since they do not use Windows Installer.
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