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Level 6

Trying to translate an unsupported language


I'm trying to manually translate an unsupported language (Arabic). I'm having difficulty trying to find each and every place where strings need to be modified though. Most of them are in the String Table in the IDE, but there are still lots of strings that I can't find.

Can anyone give any hints as to where strings are located in Installshield? I'm mostly talking about UI dialogs and error messages.

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Level 17

Have you seen this help topic:
New Language Wizard

That help topic describes the files that you'll need to translate.

I hope that helps.
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Level 6

Thanks! I appreciate this. That link was exactly what I was looking for, I just couldn't find it in the help provided with IS2010.
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Level 7

Hi westhusing,

what type of project, please confirm dialog text's are dispalyed in arbic character,
for me dialogs text are dispaled as a ????????.. My project type is installscriptMSI
Pleae Help,
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