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Trying to build *.issuite project as part of a Visual Studio 2012 solution (*.sln)

I have no problem performing a local build (on my computer) of a Visual Studio 2012 solution which has an *.issuite InstallShield 2013 project as one of the solution projects. The install builds just fine, I get the setup.exe and all package folders just as if I'd built with the IS2013 GUI.

But when I included the *.issuite into the VS2012 solution, a corresponding *.isproj file was not generated! Is that a bug, or design behavior? The reason I need the *.isproj file (which essentially "bridges" the *.sln and the *.issuite) is that I want to build the VS2012 solution (including the installshield project) on Team Foundation Server 2012.

I do this all the time with non-suite projects: insert the *.ism into the *.sln, a file with the *.isproj extension is created and I check that into TFS, kick off a build, everything works great (the install is created).

So, is it erroneous behavior that I have encountered, or is it "design behavior" (i.e., IS2013 *.issuite projects are not yet supported by Visual Studio 2012)? Anyone know? :confused:
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Level 7

Just cannot seem to get this to work, so here is the workaround I'm using, if anyone else needs to know how to do this:

1) Do NOT include the *.issuite project as part of the Visual Studio 2012 *.sln; keep them separate.

2) Modify the *.xaml TFS 2012 build template file you're using in the build definition -- add a custom InvokeProcess, which merely uses the IsCmdBld.exe utility. Use the -p command line parameter to point it to the *.issuite project you're building.
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I had the same issue and i solved it after consultation with Christopher Painter.
Ive created empty .csproj with the same name as suite and manually added following msbuild code. I also have .issuite file included in my .csproj so I can checkin and checkout this file. All changes in .issuite I do using the authoring tool because i found it just better. To modify the IsCmdBld.exe parameters i used


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