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Level 7

There is no hourglass while files are being installed

When the Setup Status form appears (it shows the progress bar), the hourglass is not enabled. I'd like to have the hourglass on when that screen appears and off when the form closes. This is particularly important since it takes quite a while after the status form appears (with nothing on the progress meter) before anything happens. The first time I ran it, I thought the program was hung and then it started up.

I can't figure out which form the status form is (it doesn't appear on the list of dialogs) to enable/disable the hourglass.

I thought I had this working by enabling the hourglass after invoking the SdStartCopy command. But then I couldn't figure out where to disable it. The hourglass remained when the finish dialog appeared.

I tried to disable it before calling the SdFinish command, but that didn't seem to work. Thanks for your help.
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Level 8

Try disabling it at the beginning of OnFirstUIAfter() function ( or the function which you are using in it's place).
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Level 7

That does the trick but I also had to expliciitly invoke the Finish form or the final screen doesn't appear:

function OnFirstUIAfter()
BOOL bOpt1, bOpt2;
NUMBER nResult;
nResult = SdFinish ("", "", "", "", "", bOpt1, bOpt2);

Thanks for the help!
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Level 7

The hourglass is fine during the install but I can't seem to activate it during an uninstall. The screen with the progress meter just sits there for a while before starting and it looks like it's frozen or crashed.
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