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Level 5

Theme changing

I can change the themes on all screens apart from one. The very first one that appears has a heading "Preparing to Install" - can anyone tell me where to change the theme for this?

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Level 7

is this a express version of IS ? i do not think you have option of themes in express version.
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Level 5

yes it is IS Express 2012, and you do have access to themes - as I said in the post, I am able to change the theme for every install screen except that very first one.
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Any solution on above mentioned issue ?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @Nithyapriya,

 Are you using installshield express edition or premier or professional version, You can check the details under  Help tab --> About installshield 

 InstallShield Express Edition includes two dialog themes. The Premier and Professional editions include additional themes. 

For express edition themes you can change it by Navigating to CUSTOMIZE  THE SETUP APPEARANCE --> dialogs --> Global dialog theme field (Please refer screenshot)

If you are using professional or premier edition ,you can change the them by go to user interface view --> select  Dialogs -->  and check theme and you can select your theme.(Please refer screenshot)

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