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The text file is present after the deployment but it does't work


I am using InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio Express 2013 C++. Users from MSDN forum told me to post this issue here.

I developed a CLR Empty Project in Visual Studio 2013, which reads from a text file and shows a line from the text file to the Windows Form.

My problem is that when i deploy the project, the file is physically present. But, after the setup installation, when i click the event button of my windows form application the text file is "Not Found" although the text file is in the correct path. I am getting the path this way,
String^ path = "C:\\Program Files\\My Company Name\\My Product Name\\Release\\Text.txt";

When i build and run the project inside Visual Studio, the application runs perfect.

Do i have to buy a license of InstallShield in order to use this feature? I intend to buy but now i am learning and trying things.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


From the description, this sounds like an issue with the application more than the installation since the file is there.
However, is this supposed to be the 64bit location or 32bit location you are looking in for the file?
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