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The installation and uninstallation are very slow

We built an installer(340MB) which is a basic msi project.
If we installed it in win8.1_x64(OK) which is a VM environment(virtual box or ESXI5.5), the installation took about 20 minutes.
But if we installed it in win8.1_x64(NG) which is an actual machine and is [dell optiplex 7020], it took 90 minutes and was very very slow.

The obvious difference in the installation log is:
In win8.1_x64(NG), ISLockPermissionsCost took 25 minutes and InstallFinalize took 42 minutes,
but in win8.1_x64(OK), ISLockPermissionsCost took only 2 minutes and InstallFinalize took only 7 minutes.

We would like to know the reason causing ISLockPermissionsCost and InstallFinalize took so much time compared with that in VM environment.
Could you please help us and give us some advice?

Thank you in advance.
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Level 2

Although it was also slow, the installation in win7(64bit) or win2008R2 or win2012r2 took about 40 minutes in actual machine.:(
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