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TextSubSetValue - Where does it save this value?

On OnFirstUIBefore if i set a value: e.g.
TextSubSetValue ( "", szName, FALSE );

and then later on (say 6 months later) a client upgrades the software...

On OnMaintUIBefore I call the value: e.g.
TextSubGetValue ( "", szName, FALSE, FALSE );

Will this value be the same? Does Installshield save the values you place in for future times when the install is run?

If it does? is it saved in a temp dir? - or are these settings safely saved for future use?

OnMaintUIBefore ... is it reliable to ask for TextSubGetValue ( "", szName, FALSE, FALSE ); ... or should i create another dialog that re-asks the user for the NAME every time they upgrade.

thanks for your help.
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Re: TextSubSetValue - Where does it save this value?

You should double-check, of course, but the InstallScript log file seems to store text-sub values. Launching the InstallShield Log File Viewer shows some text-sub names and values...
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