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Text File Replace and a Read Only File...

Hi all,

I think I have a decent solution to this problem, but I just wanted to be sure there wasn't some slick way to work around my problem in the .msi tables. We have an .xml file that needs to be edited with a directory created during the install. However, the file also has to be marked as Read Only.

I figured that ISSearchReplaceInstall runs after the file is installed. I also figured that if I mark the file in the component in question to be set as Read Only the text replacements will have no effect. I tested with my install and that appears to be the case. I believe working this out in the .msi tables themselves is impossible.

What I did was simply installed the file without the Read Only attribute and let the Text Replacements do their job. I then run a custom action .exe stored in the binary table which sets the file to Read Only.

It seems to work OK, but I'm just wondering if there is a more elegant solution.

Any feedback appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!!
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Do you have the option of writing an InstallScript function instead of requiring an external binary?

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