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System Search to Custom Action to force old product to uninstall

We have a previous version of a product that was installed using Wise Installation Systems. It is not MSI based so I can't use the lookup of old install to remove it. I can look up the path to the unwise.exe (uninstall applicaiton) and log file path in the registry. I can successful read this information using the System Search and then Store the value in the property and use the property in an Install Condition to display a message. So I know this part if doable. The registry entry looks something like this: C:\DIREC~1\Backup\UNWISE.EXE C:\DIREC~1\Backup\INSTALL.LOG The path to the uninstall application, followed by the path to the install.log which tell it what to do. What I want to do instead of displaying the message is use registry entry in a Custom Actions to launch the uninstall exe before I install any of the new files using. I've modified the System Search to Just store the value in the property name WISE_UNINSTALL. I've tried launching the an exe with the Custom Action, Launch an executable, stored in the property table, WISE_UNINSTALL. I've tried this in various locations in the Sequence and nothing is happening. What should I do to launch exe/log file that the registry contains to make this work?
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