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Suite Repair: Final state 669

We are unable to repair our suite project. All packages are startetd correctly and without any noticable errors. But in the end the Suite ends with "The wizard was interrupted before ..."

The final lines in the log file are:

10-15-2019[03:49:07 PM]: UI DLL: Display Error: The installer must restart your system before configuration of Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 Measurement can continue.  Click Yes to restart now or No if you plan to restart later.
10-15-2019[03:49:08 PM]: Engine: property 'ISPerformDelayedReboot' value now 'true'
10-15-2019[03:49:08 PM]: Engine: parcel operations successful with a pending reboot
10-15-2019[03:49:08 PM]: Engine: all operations completed, final status: 669
10-15-2019[03:49:08 PM]: UI DLL: Shutting down
10-15-2019[03:49:08 PM]: Original exit status: 0x00000669, final exit status: 0x00000669
10-15-2019[03:49:08 PM]: State manager: removing staging files from: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\{BE79D7DC-839C-4D5F-B5E2-3AB9255AA4ED}\

The full log is attached.

Can anyone give me an hint?

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Re: Suite Repair: Final state 669

Hi @BkSetupDev ,

Final state 669 says the setup initiated the system reboot at the end of the installation.

// MessageText:
// The requested operation completed successfully. The system will be restarted so the changes can take effect.


One of the MSI package require to reboot the machine during the repair, you can get this info from the log file:

10-15-2019[03:45:53 PM]: MSI parcel launch result: 80070bc2
10-15-2019[03:45:53 PM]: Engine: property 'ISInstallStatus' value now 'Package Beckhoff TF3300 Scope Server operation complete'

So, suite setup is trying to reboot the machine at the end of the installation.