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Level 6

Suite Project Feature List

I can't find any information on the feature tree. For example, setting the "Enabled" property so that if no features are selected then the install button is grayed out. I know you would use some kind of binding. Like {Binding Featurelist ==?}.... is it an array? Like {Binding FeatureList(0)==selected || FeatureList(1)==selected || FeatureList(n)==selected}? What kind of conditions can I use? Can I use "IF" or "SWITCH" statements?

Ok I found this :

Here's the full list today. I don't think the others are likely to be useful; they're just used behind-the-scenes for the feature selection dialog that shows the extra information.

{Binding FEATURE[featurename].actionState==n} (n = install, "empty", remove, repair)
{Binding FEATURE[featurename].installState!=number} (number = 0 -not installed, 1 - installed)

I don't know what I am doing wrong but no matter my selection in my feature tree, my suite tries to install every feature. Thought I just needed to bind the Install button to my feature tree selection. Does the "Install" button not read the choices of the feature tree and only install those?
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Level 4


Can anybody help me out in this. I am trying to link my custom values of combo box with specific features of my Suite. I am not able to link one specific dropdown value with individual feature. I am unaware of using {Binding Feature} Syntax.

If someone can please guide me through step by step process of adding values and conditions to activate my dropbox I would really appreciate it.

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