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Suite Installer-how to change the 'download from web' url for packages dynamically?


We are using Installshield 2018 Premier Edition and creating Suite installers for our projects. One of our latest requirement is to download the packages from web inside the Suite. We uploaded the packages to AWS and selected the option 'download from the web' for each packages inside the Suite and given the url in it. It works fine.
The problem is we are uploading the packages to AWS for every build and the packages are in a versioned folder inside AWS and the url for each packages will be changed for every build. Is there any option in installshield Suite to dynamically change the url of the packages to be downloaded?I tried to set a property(ProductVersion) inside the url path, but it is not getting expanded during installation. Also tried to store the url(package path) in a property and tried to enter it inside the URL field, but it will not accept a property there, urls only.We cannot use a static path for the packages for every build. Please suggest a way to handle this?

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If you know the URL at build time, one option is to modify your .issuite file and replace the package Url value with the correct value.
The .issuite file is a simple xml file that you can manipulate just before you compile.
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