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Suite Install: how to check AdminUser?

Double click to bring up the suite installer, how to check if the user has administrator rights, and show a warning to block the installation?
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Suite Install: how to check AdminUser?

This isn't typically a question that makes sense. By blocking non-administrators from launching your installer, you are preventing an "over the shoulder authorization," instead requiring limited users to log off and have an administrative user log in. If you do not prevent this, so long as you correctly mark items that need elevation (this is the default for packages, and is configurable for actions), the suite will elevate once and invoke the relevant items in the elevated context.

That said, if you absolutely do need to block this scenario, you can create an action for your suite using C++ or InstallScript. The InstallScript code could call either Is(USER_ADMINISTRATOR, "") or Is(USER_INADMINGROUP, "") depending on your exact needs. See also SuiteSetProperty for communicating this information back to the suite.
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