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Stranger errors

I have a question, or questions ...
I have an installer with somewhat strange behavior. The latest is, the installer creates a number of shortcuts, I install and there are machines with Windows 7 in which are created without problems, and other appears empty, and I don't know why. Anyone know why this might be happening?

Another thing is, my installer creates services and eliminates uninstall. In the uninstall process, before deleting the service, a screen appears indicating "The following applications should be closed", and applications are services. If I install in Windows XP all is Ok, but not in windows 7, any ideas?? :confused:

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As possible solution to problem with services – add property MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL with value Disable to your project.

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Thanks Elena for your reply, I think that all problems that we have now, are from Windows 7 😞

Any idea about the problem with the shortcut?
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I would check if UAC is ON.
In that case, if the user running the installation does not have permissions to the location where the shortcut is to be created --> it will fail.
it should succeed if you run the installation "as adminitrator" (right click the exe and choose "run as administrator").

Good Luck,
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