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Level 6

Stop Custom Action from firing on Uninstall

I have a custom action that fires on the uninstallation, and of course fails since the file is removed.
I don't want to address this via the custom action script (to check for the file first before changing it). I want my custom action script to run only on installation.
How can I accomplish what should be an easy task, thank you.
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Level 13

I would add a condition to the custom action that simply says NOT Installed
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Level 5

or rather REMOVE <> "ALL" ?
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Level 6

Thanx! I also added to my vbScript is no file don't attempt ....

You have to love the documentation on this (and just about everything else), it could be a little clearer and more accurate.
I.e. is says I can place in any sequence my action is vbcsript in action, well it only runs after InstallFinalize even though all I'm doing is parsing out some XML and replacing nodes on a file that I'm deploying, and by then is on the target machine. I've tried after InstallFiles, all the way up to InstallFinalize but all else errors.
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