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Starting an application at the end of install

There is an article on how to start an app after install:

However, I want the start the app even after silent installs and even with deployment tools like SMS, Altiris, etc. The article doesnt explain how to do this. And I want the run the application the as the logged on user.

Does anyone has a solution for this?

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Flexera Alumni

To address the during-silent concern, to launch an executable that you're installing, a deferred action after InstallFiles (in the Execute sequence) would do it; and perhaps avoid "in System Context" to keep it from running in the LocalSystem account...
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Level 8

thanks for the reply, I understand if the silent install is processes by the logged on user, this should work. Do you think this will also assure that it will also run the app as the logged on user when it is installed with Group Plolicy or SMS, etc? I believe that kind tools run the package as NTAuthority or something different that the logged on user.
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