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Standalone build + C#

i've a computer with a standalone build of IS 2009 Premier, MS Visual Studio for my C# code source.
and this code is a program for some automatism (creation of setup.exe, update of files and folders, ...)
but on a part of installshield on my code my problem is the syntax :
in fact, I would like to build my project (on this computer) and I want to specify the good release to use among some releases (8 releases un my project).
of course, the project and the releases are already in "project.ism" in my computer.
for the moment I've call the "project.ism" and open it with C# the missing part is :
! Build the project and choose the right release !
If somebody has an answer as me.
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Level 6


use the command line builder ISCmdBld with the proper parameters, e.g.
ISCmdBld.exe" -p "YourProject.ism" -o "YourMergeModules" -r "YourRelease" -c COMP -a "YourProductConfguration" -s

Look in the help for ISCmdBld.exe (Command-line building) and you will find all the information you need (I hope).

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