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Silent uninstaller not removing certain files, however uninstaller with UI does remov

Hello All,

My product's msi silent uninstaller leaves behind files which are not installed in the Program Files directory, however when un-installation is done with the UI then everything is removed perfectly.

Looks like the case of some missing property, which is getting set in the UI mode, however not in the silent mode.
By the way silent installer is working as expected.

Any ideas?:confused:
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Level 16

In general, read:

Your specific question is unanswerable without looking at your source and/or installer log. Odds are you've authored some custom actions and broke the guidelines outlined above.
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Level 6

Finally figured out what was happening. I was using merge modules and all the components in the merge modules were being installed in a directory whose origin was other than INSTALLDIR. Although while selecting the merge modules in the Redistributables in msi I was selecting the ProgramData based directory, it was still not getting uninstalled (in silent mode).

So now I changed the components back to INSTALLDIR and things started working fine. By the way I do not have any other custom action in my installer. I am doing everything via tables.:D
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