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Silent installation with redistributables that trigger a reboot ? (2 questions)

I have an installer with some redistributables that trigger reboot (visual studio redistributables).

When I run the installer with the GUI, the installer starts, install redistributables and reboot and after the reboot, will resume the installation.

When I run the intaller silently (with the flags /s /v/qn ); there is a reboot, but the installer does not seem to restart the installer after the reboot.

In the "Installshield Prerequisite editor"

Question 1 : in the "specify the command line for the application when the setup is run in silent mode"
Is the /q /norestart valid to prevent the prerequisite to reboot after it is installed ?

Question 2: Should the silent installer resume after a reboot ?

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Level 6

Try to add quotes, like this: /s /v/"qn "
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