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Silent Uninstall from another install

I have a install that I want to uninstall from an updated version. Let me try to explain.
I have a computer with program A 1.0 install. We are changing the way we do things so I now need to install program B 1.0 and I want to uninstall A 1.0 without the enduser seeing it go. If I use UninstallApplication(GUID) it will pop up the are you sure you want to uninstall question. How can I avoid that? Are there any switches I can use? Could I drop an updated version of the program A script down before calling the uninstall? Ideas?

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Level 6

Does nobody have any ideas?
I have modified the original script and copied it over then laun the uninstall but I have 2 problems still. It shows the first screen when installshield is loading and the other problem is that the launching app does not wait for the uninstall to finish.
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Level 4

Not sure how your uninstall works, but if it's a command line you can use the following parameters:

setup.exe /SMS /s

I use the /SMS in one of my testing scripts; it holds the machine until the installer is finished.

The /s hides the "Installshield Wizard" window that will "guide you through the rest of the setup process."
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Level 3

Regardig to the 2 problems that you still have:

1) The first screen is impossible to avoid. The only "solution" for that is show a "small screen". Go to Releases->Release->Setup.exe and set "Small Initialization Dialog" to Yes.

2) To launch and application and wait for it, use the function: LaunchAppAndWait (sLaunchPath, "", WAIT)

Good luck!
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Level 6

Well, you can get the product code of the app and do this:

szRegKey = "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}";
if(RegDBKeyExist(szRegKey) = 1) then
szApp = "MsiExec.exe" ;
LaunchAppAndWait(szApp, szCmdLine, LAAW_OPTION_WAIT |
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Level 6

lest we forget
LAAW_OPTION_HIDDEN as another option
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