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Silent Installation on Windows Vista using InstallShield 2008

I am using InstallShield 2008 and have created a MSI.
Is there any way by which I can install my applications silently through this msi?
UAC prompts always come for Vista.
I want that the UAC prompts can come but rest of the Installation windows should be suppressed.

But if I use the options for silent install like /quiet or /s then an error comes as it tries to suppress the UAC prompt also.

Does InstallShield 2008 provide a solution for this?

Basically Silent installation with UAC prompts.

Or if it can be completely silent but I think that is not possible on Vista with UAC feature on.
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Re: Silent Installation on Windows Vista using InstallShield 2008

Check out the point#5 in this article:

5) Setup fails in silent mode
Symptom: Your setup fails if run in silent mode, e.g., using msiexec /q, but succeeds in Full, Reduced, and Basic UI modes.
Cause: In silent mode Windows Installer does not display the UAC elevation prompt, so the entire setup runs with restricted permissions.
Solution: If running in one of the other UI modes is not feasible, use the Elevated Command Prompt to launch your setup, or use a management tool such as SMS, Tivoli, Altiris, etc., to deploy your setup.
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silent install doesn't work

I am new to installshield.
Can you tell in detail how and which modifications are required to let the application gets installed in silent mode?
Can we do the same in .ism file and the generated .msi file should result in elevated prompt to user?
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