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Silent Install using InstallShield 2015 limited edition

How can I setup a silent install using Install Shield 2015 Limited Edition. I have tried to create a setup.iss by running several variation of the following:

setup.exe /r
setup.exe /R
setup.exe -r
setup.exe -R

with various other parameters but none have ever created a setup.iss that I can find. Does Limited Edition support silent install? How can I get this to work?

I also tried running the setup in silent mode but nothing happened. The product install did not execute. I tried the folowing:

setup.exe /s
setup.exe /s/qn

Thanks for any help.

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

A setup.iss file is a response file for a silent installation of InstallScript based installers, which the Limited Edition does not create.

you will want to use setup.exe /s which will run your setup silently.

Although, you will want to ensure that your dialogs either do not require user input or your installer will appear to "hang" when viewed in the task manager and never complete as a dialog that cannot be seen is awaiting input.

If you do require user input in your dialogs, such as choosing the installation directory, you will need to pass that on the command line as well.

setup.exe /s /v"INSTALLDIR=\"c:\My Files\""

/s : Silent mode
/v : Pass arguments to Msiexec (used to pass arguements to the .msi)
"INSTALLDIR=\"c:\My Files\"" (Assigns INSTALLDIR the value of c:\My Files\)

Setup.exe Command Line Parameters

MSI Command-Line Options
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