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Signing error on large components

I have a Basic MSI installation that has two components that have a lot of files. The two component's files add up to 2 GB.

When I build the package and try to sign it, I get this error:

"Started signing ...
Number of errors: 1
SignTool Error: ISignedCode::Sign returned error: 0x80070008
Not enough storage is available to process this command."

Now, I have 2GB of memory and plenty of disk space. However, perhaps 2GB of memory is not enough when you have 2 GB of files.

What do you think? Maybe I'll have to buy more memory.
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Level 8

I just did an interesting test.

I turned off signing and the installer builds with no errors.
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Level 8

I sort of have a solution for this.

As I said, I have two folders with lots of files. One folder has 1.05 GB worth of QT movie files. The other folder has 100 or more subdirectories and totals 500 MB.

I created five merge modules and split the first folder's files among them. I found that you can sign a project, in this case a merge module, if the files total 250 MB or less. I created two merge modules for the second folder, and split the files among them. Doing that, I was able to build and sign all seven merge modules.

In the original installation, I added the seven merge modules, turned signing on for Setup.exe and some other files, but not for the Windows Installer package. If you try and sign the Windows Installer package it fails during the build. Otherwise, with just signing Setup.exe and some other files, it builds fine. So, some parts of the installation are signed, and one part is not.

The project now builds and installs with no problems.
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