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Signing command Installshield 2015








Signing command Installshield 2015- How can i moify  the singing  command for signing der Files.


In the older Version we used as a  pfx File for signng  our Software now we  Now we have to  ant to uses a  a ....cer with  a Dungle for siigning.

Th old command was

xxx/sign.exe sign /fd sha256 /f xyz.pfx /p password /tr "c:)xyz*.dll"


the new should be


xxs.sign.exe  /f aby.cer /csp "eToken Base Cryptographic Provider" /k "[{{Paseord}}]=te-e68a5789-a811-4aaf-9ec2-eae849455bb2" /fd sha256 /tr L) "$(TargetDir)\Nms*.exe"

ho can i configure and or modify  this command  with the official singng possibilities 

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @TAK_1969 ,


You can add custom signing mechanism(which ever commandline you had mentioned) under InstallShield’s release tab:

  • Release View->Product configuration (based on project type)->Release->Events->PostBuild Event with required path variables been added
  • InstallShield always picks setup.exe from its template directory irrespective of the modified setup.exe(Post build event changes applied)
  • We can override the built setup.exe with installshield’s PostBuild event applied setup.exe
  • Based on project type(Basic MSI/InstallScript MSI) the below code be added:
    • CopyFile(SRCDIR ^ "setup.exe", PROGRAMFILES^"InstallShield Installation Information" ^ PRODUCT_GUID ^ "setup.exe" );
    • For basic MSI project:
      • Add new Install script function named CopyFileForSigning by navigating to Install Script view
      • Add the below code for the newly added function:
  • function CopyFileForSigning(hMSI)


    CopyFile(SRCDIR ^ "setup.exe", PROGRAMFILES^"InstallShield Installation Information" ^ PRODUCT_GUID ^ "setup.exe" );


  • Add a new InstallScript custom action with function name CopyFileForSigning and sequence it after InstallFinalize under Install Exec Sequence

  • Build and verify that the setup.exe contains custom signing method applied




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