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Level 3

Show the Windows Installer Log checkbox

I'm having trouble launching a CA under Vista and from reading through the forums I'm not alone. So I ended up creating a new basic MSI project (ISPro8.0) and on my SetupCompleteError dialog I can't click the "Show the Windows Installer Log" check box. It flashes when I click on it but will not check the box.

I have the "Create MSI Logs" set to Yes under General Information\PRoduct Properties.

The SetupCompleteError dialog has these two behaviors for the Finish button:
Argument = Exit
Condition = 1
Argument = ShowMsiLog
Condition = MsiLogFileLocation and (ISSHOWMSILOG="1")

The CheckShowMsiLog checkbox on the SetupCompleteError dialog is Enabled.

The Property Manager shows the MsiLogging with a value of voicewarmupx which looks to be every option.

What else am I missing to cause the check box to not work?

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Look for a row in the CheckBox table (use the direct editor) with an empty Value column. Either set the value to 1 or delete the row (setting the value is slightly safer due to misbehaviors in some versions of our IDE).
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Level 8

I looked into the CheckBox table. ISSHOWMSILOG is in there with a value of 1. But at the end of my install, the text appears but the checkbox isn't visible. When I check/hover in the area that it's supposed to be - it suddenly appears. Why is that? Why isn't it displaying?

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